SolDAC project presented in Sustainable Technology Forum in Valencia

Our partner LOMARTOV, presented the LCA eco-design approach applied to the development of the project innovative approach to produce carbon neutral ethylene, during the Sustainable Technology Forum session, to peers from a wide range of sectors of the scientific community.

The session is part of the MATSUS-STECH Conference and was organized by NanoGe, offering a platform for sharing the on-going innovation projects actions within the following seven sectors: Sustainable technology, battery technologies, green energy carriers, nanomaterials, metal halide perovskites, inorganic thin film semiconductors, quantum technology, photophysics, 2D perovskites, modelling devices, 2D nanomaterials, non-fullerene based organic solar cells, nancocrystals, and electrocatalysis for the production of chemicals.

During the presentation, LOMARTOV had the opportunity to give a general overview of the project, the consortium, its objectives, and the framework of the LCA-based eco-design approach implemented for ensuring SolDAC’s environmental responsibility. Additionally, the audience was encouraged to register to the 2023 Powered Heat Cycles Conference (Edinburgh).