Full Spectrum Solar Direct
Air Capture & Conversion

Production of carbon-neutral ethylene and byproduct ethanol (C2 products) from the air in an independent off-grid decentralised and market-competitive process powered by solar energy

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SolDAC at the SEED Congress!

On July 4th, SolDAC was present at the first SEED Congress, the First International Conference on Sustainable Energy Education, SEED 2024! SEED (Sustainable Energy EDucation) is a CoVE

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SolDAC information

3 Years

8 Partners

4 Countries

Prototype at TRL4

(Lab testing)

3M€ Budget


SolDAC consortium is composed of 8 partners from 4 different countries chosen to form a well-balanced and complementary set of research organizations (RTO’s/UNI) and to exploit the expertise of some SMEs in the renewable technology field.

The research is balanced to overcome technical, early-stage social and market barriers and perform all the necessary groundwork for the full deployment of SolDAC before 2050 building up a new ecosystem of stakeholders, making Europe the first circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy.

SolDAC is a 3-year research and innovation project funded by the EU's Horizon Europe Programme