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Converting CO2 into ethylene

An important building block in the chemical industry, ethylene, is used to produce numerous materials, such as plastics and detergents. It is the largest volume organic chemical produced in the world. Now, it is time to reinvent the ethylene industry, so it is sustainable, technically and economically competitive.

In this context, the EU-funded SolDAC project features a photoelectrochemical conversion (PEC) unit, as electrochemistry is the only possible route for direct conversion of CO2 into ethylene. Specifically, the PEC exploits bandwidth-selected light from a solar collector (FSS) that splits the solar spectrum for electricity and heat generation at an efficiency higher than standalone photovoltaic modules and standalone solar thermal collectors. Heat is used in an innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) unit that removes CO2 from the air.

From SolDAC, we have created a series of interviews with the aim of spreading the innovative SolDAC technology and give the opportunity to get to know partners involved better.